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The Application Process


All applicants are screened based on their potential to become prominent global leaders in their fields and their history of proactively creating positive change.


Candidates who pass the first screening will be interviewed virtually. Qualified candidates are then presented to the Fortis Society’s Cooptation Council who will vote on the top candidates to be inducted into the Fortis Society.

Round 1

Round 2

Round 3

Round 4

All applications are screened

Select applications interview with Future Leaders Foundation

Cooptation Council reviews finalists

Cooptation Council votes

Annual Application

Professionals and graduate or postgraduate students may apply for cooptation to the Fortis Society on an annual basis.

Delayed Cooptation: The Fortis Fellowship*

University students in their 2nd year of study may apply to be awarded the Fortis Fellowship, a three-year program granted annually to a select few of the world’s top university students. Successful Fortis Fellowship candidates fulfill all eligibility criteria for the Fortis Society.  Upon completion of the Fellowship, Fellows are invited to participate in an expedited cooptation process to become inducted into the Society. Read more about the Fellowship below.

*The Fortis Fellowship has replaced the Future Global Leaders “FGL” Fellowship. The FGL Fellowship was created prior to launching the Fortis Society in order to identify and cultivate the Society’s first Members. The FGL Fellowship was granted to 100+  exceptional university students between 2014 and 2019.



Fortis Society applicants:


  • Have completed an undergraduate degree or the equivalent in work experience*

  • Come from humble beginnings or have demonstrated resilience in overcoming hardship (low-income family, first in family to attain higher education, migrant, etc.)


*If you do not have a university degree, you should have a proven record of professional success (entrepreneurship, activism, etc.) which demonstrates your high potential for having a large-scale positive influence in your field.


Successful candidates demonstrate:

  • Empathy and altruism;

  • Resilience and strength of character as a result of overcoming hardship;

  • Excellence in their professional endeavors;

  • Boundless ambition;

  • Clear vision and pragmatic strategy to achieve their goals

At the time of their induction into the Fortis Society, successful candidates commit to:

  • The Honor Pledge;

  • Upholding the ideals and morals of the Society,

  • Striving toward an increasingly higher level of influence,

  • Reciprocating solidarity with all Members,

  • Strengthening the Fortis Society, and

  • Creating meaningful change



The Fortis Fellowship is a 3-year program that identifies the world’s most outstanding university students from humble backgrounds and prepares them for entry into the Fortis Society. Fortis Fellows participate in expedited cooptation process to enter the Fortis Society upon completion of the Fellowship.


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