The Fortis Society attracts exceptional leaders who are united by their humble beginnings and limitless ambition. Membership is open to successful professionals, or graduate or postgraduate students.

Candidates for Cooptation demonstrate:

  • A solemn commitment to the Honor Pledge

  • Embodiment of the Fortis Society values, including empathy and altruism;

  • Resilience and strength of character as a result of overcoming extreme hardship;

  • Excellence in their given field (exemplified by awards, fellowships, high-level leadership roles, etc.);

  • A clear vision and pragmatic strategy to achieve great success;

  • An ardent desire and ability to acquire an extremely high level of power and influence; and

  • The ability to create substantial positive global impact.

Members are selected based on their accomplishments, their potential impact and, most importantly, their character.

Note: Future Global Leaders Fellows receive priority access for induction into the Fortis Society upon completion of the Fellowship.


The Fortis Society application period occurs once per year. The 2019 application period is open April 25 - June 18, 2019 11:59pm EST. Applications will be reviewed from June-July, 2019. Applicants are informed of their status by early August 2019.

Interested applicants can learn more about the Fortis Society and the application on an informational webinar Wednesday May 29th at 10:00am EST via this link.


Applicants who meet all of the above criteria may be co-opted after their applications undergo a thorough review: