We attract exceptional leaders who are united by their humble beginnings and limitless ambition.

Candidates for co-optation must:

  • Be current students in their final year of university, recent graduates, or young professionals
  • Demonstrate current or past academic excellence (GPA, merit-based scholarships and awards, etc.)
  • Demonstrate global ambition 
  • Come from underserved/underrepresented backgrounds

Members of the Fortis Society demonstrate and embody the Fortis Society values and take the Honor Pledge. Members are selected based on their accomplishments, their potential impact and, most importantly, their character.

Note: All Future Global Leaders Fellows are inducted into the Fortis Society upon completion of the Fellowship. Learn more about the Future Global Leaders Fellowship here


Applicants who meet all of the above criteria may be co-opted after their applications undergo a thorough review:

Round 1: Applications undergo initial screening and review

Round 2: Select applicants may be invited to an interview after completing an original Fortis Project

Members of the Fortis Society Co-optation Committee will review all materials. Successful candidates must be co-opted by a minimum of 5 Fortis Society Members before they are inducted.

Candidates who apply before September 15th and are co-opted will be invited (all expenses paid) to join us at the annual Fortis Society Conference (location TBD) in December 2018.

 Our annual Fortis Society Global Conference was held at Royaumont Abbey near Paris, France.

Our annual Fortis Society Global Conference was held at Royaumont Abbey near Paris, France.


The Fortis Society is always looking for outstanding talent. Therefore, applications are always open. While we’re happy to receive your applications year-round, we have two official deadlines: June 15th and September 15th. We will not notify applicants about the status of their application before these dates.