It simply started by the aphorism “It is not what you know, it’s who you know”.

It is a sad fact that the least privileged in any country in the world are the least prone to benefit from world networks. Regardless of their exceptional intelligence and merit, they are largely excluded from being powerful leaders.

However, the spread of social networks now makes it feasible for them to instantaneously connect across the world and gradually build an amazing network, the Fortis Society. It has the potential to become extraordinarily powerful thanks to the diversity of its amazingly bright and ambitious members who have pledged to support each other and are united by their common modest origin and merit. Above all, they have pledged to commit to the higher purpose of the Fortis society to create positive change in the world.  

The Future Leaders Foundation was created by Mr. Jean Karoubi to incubate the Fortis Society. Mr. Karoubi’s endeavors were inspired by Mr. Charles (Chuck) Feeney, the legendary philanthropist who has been his mentor over his entire adult life. Recently, Chuck conveyed how impressed he was after going over the material regarding the Future Leaders and Fortis Society. For all intents and purposes he is The Honorary Chair of the Fortis Society.

Note: The Future Leaders Foundation and the Fortis Society are not directly or indirectly affiliated with, nor have ever received any funding from The Atlantic Philanthropies.