We, the Members of the Fortis Society,
have the burning ambition to become powerful, influential leaders. 
Our Society is an exclusive and private community. Our Members' list is strictly confidential.

Fortis society values

  • Merit. We owe our success to personal merit, not privilege.

  • Comradeship. We cultivate a spirit of fraternity, friendship, mutual support, and, above all, loyalty, through professional engagement.

  • Ambition. We pledge to continuously pursue our ambition of becoming influential global leaders and to support each others’ individual quests for success.

  • Diversity. We firmly believe that our diverse backgrounds (geographical, social, religious, cultural, ethnic, etc.) generate the formidable synergy that makes our Society powerful.

  • Altruism. We have a deeply ingrained conviction to create a notable positive impact on the lives of others.

fortis society benefits

The tight-knit community of the Fortis Society creates a private and confidential global network of Members who are fully committed to helping each other.

  • Connections and synergy. The more our Society grows, the more powerful it becomes for all Members. Each of us benefits from the invaluable opportunities, introductions, and recommendations contributed by Members.

  • Discussion, Debate, & Exchange Forums. As Members we have private access to online or in-person forums and the ability to kick-start or lead them.

  • Exclusive Global Gatherings. Events meant for the development of meaningful bonds between Members of various industries, countries, ethnicities, ages, etc. Gatherings are fully funded by the Fortis Society and Members are provided with financial support to attend

Annual programming highlights include:

  • Annual Fortis Society Summit

  • Regional Meetings

  • Quarterly Member-led educational webinars

  • Access to Professional Development Tools

fortis society responsibilities

As Members of the Fortis Society, we are bound by the HONOR PLEDGE and commit to:

  • Striving towards the highest levels of influence.

  • Reciprocating solidarity with all Members.

    • Assiduously searching for outstanding individuals to be co-opted to the Society.

  • Strengthening the Society for our personal benefit and to create a better world.